Gabi's Pesach in Israel includes:
  • Daily entertainment for the entire family catering to adults, children and teens.
  • Tiyulim and professionally guided trips every day during Chol Hamoed.
  • Shiurim and lectures presented by Rabbi Shalom Hammer.
  • Children's groups and babysitting services.


  • Eden Inn, Israel
    Free Wifi for guests
  • Newly renovated and refurbished rooms
  • Large family size rooms
  • Refrigerator in every room


  • Private Seder options (an additional cost)
  • Glatt Meat, Mehadrin products – Rabbanut Zichron Yakov
  • Full Board on Shabbat & Chag and Half Board on Chol Hamoed
  • Lunch on Erev Pesach
  • Coffee and cake hour including refreshments for kids
  • Soda and soft drinks included at all dinners